New gear.

admin | February 29th, 2012 - 5:31 pm

Jeff Hogan has been a good friend for many years. We’ve worked together on a couple of documentaries, back in 1998 on ‘Cutthroats of Yellowstone‘ and recently on ‘American Cougar‘ both for National Geographic. Jeff’s contagious enthusiasm always makes it fun to be in the field with him.

Jeff is an innovator when it comes to camera equipment, especially underwater gear. The equipment he developed for shooting “Cutthroats” helped earn him a Chris award for underwater cinematography with the first close-up footage ever shot of trout spawning in the wild.

He’s still developing the latest technology to capture creatures underwater. After producing a documentary on beavers for National Geographic he’s refining equipment to capture more footage of behavior of beaver. Yesterday I went out to document the latest gear that he and fellow photographer/filmmaker Andrew Weller have teamed up to use on the next project.

Arriving back at the remote tent site with haul sleds near the beaver den

Tools of the trade.

Clearing snow from the frozen creek to the camera position.

Getting through the ice.

Jeff with camera and housing.

Watching for bubbles.

Connecting portable monitor.

Checking image.

Adjusting angle.

Fine tuning.

I’ll post a link here to footage shot with the new set-up when it’s available.

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